To give more convenient and satisfy to customer, Hoang Phuc International have fixable return policy when you need. Hope your choice is the best products for you.

Exchanging/Returning product need to follow directy conditions. Please check detail information below:


1. The instance is applied to change/return products

1.1    For customers buying at stores
-  Products is false, damaged by manufacturer (errors in design, printing is peeled, tearing or peeling skin or cloth material)
-  New arrivals/ Full-price pruduct have time of purchase within 7 days.

1.2    For customers buying online
-  Product is send that have different quanlity, information, design from order.
-  Product is false by manufaturer (errors in design, printing is peeled, tearing or peeling skin or cloth material, different from image on website or fasle in delivery (disformed, scratched, stained, cracked)
-  Customer bought wrong size.

2. Instance isn’t applied to change/return products
-  Product is bought over 7 days (buying at stores and receive if buying online)
-  We don't accept in case you want to change design, color of products.
-  Product have used-signal or impartive external forces (disformed, scratched, cracked…).
-  Attaching document that show product is incomplete or not intact
-  Products aren’t followed instructions of manufaturer that is cause of damage
-  Product is out of warrantty term or not follow warrantty instructions.
-  The changed product get faule in delivery from customers.
-  Product isn’t appied to exchange/returm.

3. Catolog of unexchange/not return products

-  Hat

-  Socks

-  Belts

-  Shoelace

-  Shoe care

4. Conditions for return

Please read carefully provisions in our Return/Change Policy to make sure that products/goods are meet the requirements of all of the following conditions:
-  Products need to return must be bought online or at Hoang Phuc stores
-  Products aren’t included in non-returnable and unexchanged catolog.
-  Products are still new and don’t be crashed, intact stamps, labels and protective paper. Packaging intact, not distortion.
-  The product is not dirty, not wash clothes. There isn't sign of a trace of use, cosmetics stain. Not perfume smells like infection, shaving cream, body deodorant or cigarette smoke.
-  Do not accept used items, damaged, sewing back or have changed once before. Unless the fault of product.
-  Only accepted to get a similar product (same model), another product (same brand) has a value equal to or higher than.
-  Must have a purchase invoice when bartering. We don't accept to exchange in case of not having documentary.
-  Parts, details, accessories, documentation manuals, gifts attached, etc ... must also full and shows no signs of use.
-  Each order is supported only change 1 time.
-  Returned products don't meet the conditions will be automatically transferred to the address was register in order.

5. Returning terms

-  Time to apply changes the goods bought at Hoang Phuc stores is 7 days.
-  For customers ordering from the website, it has 7 days from the date you receive products.

6. The cost of return

  • - Bartering with cause of error product, you will be free return and free delivery to the location indicated on the return request form.
  • - Bartering because you need to change product size in order, you will pay 2-way shipping costs.



Depending on the reason for refund and product quality assessment results, we will have appropriate method.

1.  Exchange new product

- This method applies to the case of products damaged by the fault of the manufacturer. We will return to you new products with the same design (same product code, size and brand...).

- For the case of our system has run out of product in your order, we will exchange it for another product (same brand) of equivalent value.

2.  Refund

- The refund (only applicable to cases of the defective product without replacement ones). The refund, in this instance, will be made via bank transfer by the account information that you provided.

- At present, we have not applied the refund form of cash all the cases of return/exchange products.

- Processing time: If the customer refund requests meet the conditions change/return, Hoang Phuc International will refund to customer within 30 days from the day we receive your account information.


- For customers buying at the store, please contact directly the store bought to exchange/return.
- For customers to buy online, please check the steps are detailed instructions below.

Within 7 days after receiving, if you need to change/return products, please complete the steps performed by the following guidelines:

Step 1: Check return/change conditions

Please refer to our Return Policy in Section I to ensure that the products satisfy the conditions to change/return.

Step 2: Return/change registration

Please send requests return/exchange the product to email with information as follows

- Full-name of person ordering.

- Phone number of person ordering.

- Order code

- Exchange or Return

- The reason you want to exchange/return

- Code, color, size of the product you want to exchange/return

Or you can contact the Customer Service 1900 6931, offers a ordering code so that we have suitable solutions.

Step 3: Package

Products are requested return/exchange should be carefully packed in bags or boxes that we sent before, inside include:

- Products are requested return/exchange.

- Invoice.

Outside the package, please provide the full information:

- Full name

- Phone number

- Address

Note: Cannot change without invoice of Hoang Phuc International.

Step 4: Send products to Hoang Phuc International company

Contact with delivery company such as Viettel, Giao Hang Nhanh, Quantium…. or the nearest post office to send packages exchanged/returned to our address:  E-commerce Department – Hoang Phuc International, 460 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 2, Dictrict 3, Ho Chi Minh.

After completing the procedure, the transport will provide postal code, order code, and receipt of packages that shows state of the product.

For the case of receiving product that is an incorrect request, return/exchange packages of the customer will be taken directly back with a freight free. We are not responsible for any shipping charges to the return/exchange goods that delivery not by our suppliers.

We are not responsible for lost, misplaced or breakage of the package etc…in the transport process.

When the product is packaged to send to us, you will be responsible for the integrity of the product. We recommend you carefully product packaging and suitable way to ensure the product is not affected during transport and/or due to external agents.

Step 5: Performing return/exchange product

As receipting of return/exchange product, we will assess the product and reported results and announce to solve to you within 05-07 working days.

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