Don’t miss the special discount on this week from Hoang Phuc.

The program runs for all Hoang Phuc stores, all the items. Discounting every single product.

- Items are under 500.000 vnđ down to 50.000vnđ

- Items are to 500.000vnđ from 1.000.000vnđ down to 100.000vnđ

- Items are to 1.000.000vnđ to 2.000.000vnđ down to 200.000vnđ

- Items are to 2.000.000vnđ to 3.000.000vnđ down to 300.000vnđ

- Items are upper 3.000.000vnđ down to 400.000vnđ

The program allows from 22.03 to 26.03.2017

*Notice: The program run for store only and exclude shoe care product.

Please refer to store address here: