Privacy Policy

Information security policy defined by the Hoang Phuc International Company and updated in March, 2017.

We understand that personal information is private and extremely important part to you so we absolutely respect and fully committed to security.

Please read the following privacy policy to have better understand the commitment that we made to respect and protect the interests of customers.

Policies to protect this personal information will explain in detail about how we receive and use personal information of customers. At the same time, this policy will also present the implementation process in order to secure the personal information of customers.

Protection of personal data and gain confidence for you is very important issue for us. Therefore, we will adhere to the contents of the Privacy Policy and only collect the necessary information.

Here are described in detail the collection & use of information.

1. Gather information

Hoang Phuc International Company will collect the information of the customer through the process of customer interaction with the media marketing of the Company such as websites, social networks, and message or call comments...

The information we collect includes identity, day-month-year of birth, telephone number, email address, shipping address, website cookie...

In addition, the information related to credit card or bank account that you use on the website through a payment gateway of the 3rd party, Hoang Phuc International Ltd is not save any information.

2. Scope of use & privacy

As part of our commitment to customers, all of the information you provide and our collection will be used for the following purposes:

- Provide information to advertise, promotions.

- Confirm the order or the services you have requested.

- To improve and enhance the quality of services sales.

Hoang Phuc International Company commits to avoid sharing or disclosing the data of the customer information to a 3rd party Except for the following cases:

- The partners of transportation, communications and information processing.

- The state agency with jurisdiction over specific requirements.

At the time of receiving the information from the customer, Hoang Phuc International Company will ensure safety and security of all information on application of tools and best security solution.

In case you do not wish to receive any information from the company or do not want to store information, please contact 1900 6931.

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